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Home & Away: Brax To Find Love?

Any Charlie and Brax fans out there may be disappointed with the following news because it appears Brax is getting a ‘potential love interest’ heading his way. Brax’s alter ego Steve Peacocke is currently in the South Australian outback filming a highly confidential, top secret storyline with actress Catherine Mack who plays the role of a school counsellor. Steve, Catherine and Lincoln Younes, who plays Brax’s younger brother Casey, are over in the Flinders Ranges on a family property filming the scenes that will air in September.

Catherine Mack is originally from Melbourne but has recently been based in LA. She has appeared in Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Winners & Losers and a 1988 episode of Home & Away. Acting is not her only talent, with the 28 year old also qualified in criminology and philosophy.

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